Featured Author of the week, Jason Deas

Featured Author of the week, Jason Deas

Jason Deas has taught art in elementary schools for over a decade. He is a songwriter, sculptor, and makes a mean pot of chili. Most of his writing used to take place at Georgia campgrounds, inside a three-man tent or sitting at an uncomfortable concrete picnic table. He wouldn’t have had it any other way until he one day found a 70’s-model camper where he now writes in luxury. After writing Birdsongs, a mystery for adults, his nieces asked him to write a book for kids. He granted their wish and wrote Camp Timber View. He had so much fun writing it he wrote another middle grade novel titled The Big Stinky City. Jason also has two other books in the Benny James mystery series titled Pushed and Brushed Away. Jason currently finished a book in his new detective series titled Private Eye.

3 thoughts on “Featured Author of the week, Jason Deas

  1. My grade four students enjoyed the book Camp Timberview last year. It was our novel study for the year. They loved it! They wrote to him and he answered them individually. Actually, one of my ex-student! just told me a few weeks ago that she was rereading the book. Do I need to say more! Love it. lucie


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