Time Travel Anyone? Looking for great shorts…here they are!

Time Travel Anyone? Looking for great shorts...here they are!

A Test of Time [Kindle Edition]
Vanessa Wester (Author), Jules Anne Ironside (Author), Katherine Hetzel (Author), Malcolm Beanland (Author), Matthew Willis (Author), Britta Jensen (Author), Madeline Dyer (Author), Sara Price (Author), Stephen Mark (Author), Karen Ginnane (Author)

A TEST OF TIME is a fantastic anthology of short stories inspired by the theme of past, present and future.

Lose yourself in stories that bring together different generations through time travel as well as exploring futuristic ideas. Explore worlds where determination and resolve overcome impossible feats. Let your imagination go as you read about adventures under the sea, a magician’s chair, dragons, and mischievous girls on a mission to prank their teacher.

All in all, a wonderful collection for children who are mature readers and adults.

Dip into our world of short stories…

All monies raised from sales of this book will go directly to Foodbank, which provides emergency food for local people in crisis.

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