Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Jeff Aldrich

Jeff Aldrich

Jeff Aldrich

About Jeff

This space for rent.

Favorite Quotations

It’s always like that sometimes.

Works by Jeff Aldrich

In Progress

(Steampunk Novella) Kat and Sam – Social Evil

(Steampunk Short Story) The Cogfather


(2010) Fantasy University – Writer and Designer

Obligatory Inn Press 

(2004) The Dagger – d20 Adventure Module

(2004) Adventure Hooks, Nasty Surprises and Grudge Encounters

(2005) The Wall of Goosh

Kenzer and Company

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine (2003-2004)

KODT #75  Game On! How to Game Anywhere, Anytime

KODT #76  Game On! Anywhere Hammer – Basic Edition

KODT #77  Game on! Keychain Kung Fu

KODT #78  Game on! Real Estate Rally

KODT #79  Game On! Legba’s Locks

KODT #80  Game On! Game On! The Travel Edition

KODT #81  Game On! Dueling Ants

KODT #82  Game On! Royal Lineage

KODT #83  Game On! GeoHack

KODT #84  Game On! Candy Corn 500

KODT #85  Game On! Six Pennies and Six Shooters

KODT #86  Game On! Holidays on Garweeze Wurld

KODT #87  Game On! Hacky Meals

KODT #88  Game On! The Dead PC’s Society

KODT #89  Game On! Loose Change

KODT #90  Game On! FOL – FireBall Online

KODT #94  Game On! Bar Wars

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