Online Editing Tools

ImageOnline editing tools sounds so, so, automated. Because they are. It still involves the human element in which we make the finally decisions. But something tells me it won’t be long before all we writers will need to do is write. We drop our non-edited manuscript into a hopper and presto-edito, we have an edited manuscript.  A nice, polished, shining new story for all those would be readers of our imagination to read. Of course we will boast a false since of accomplishment, after all, we did write the story. The whole story was our idea. Who cares if a machine edited out all the fluffy stuff. Then tossed out all the ly words, conjunctions, misused words, overused words, repetitive words, spell checked, verified tense, cliché, and flow, and… etc.

Before you say you don’t believe it, let me remind you not so long ago the internet was science fiction. Sure, nobody will work at home like they were in the office… telecommuting they call it… what a crock.

The part I find so hard to comprehend is a writer, any writer, who sweats and bleeds ink, would allow an automated process that much control. It is like surrendering your soul, your life… because that is what a story becomes to its creator… a living breathing organism.

I hope we take sense of ownership seriously. Learn how to do the editing the good old fashioned way. I like to do it myself, and do not mind having my mistakes pointed out to me, even if by a machine. My writing benefits from it.

I use Autocrit  and Prowrting Aid. Both have free versions on line.

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