This Plain Cover holds unspeakable terror…read it with all the lights on…or off if your daring.

This Plain Cover holds unspeakable it with all the lights on...or off if your daring.

The Unveiling [Kindle Edition]

Nine Tales of terror from
Michael Porter and Stanton McCaffery

The Unveiling
Read the journal of a man trapped in a world overrun by the demonically

Voided Spaces
Listen to the tale of a man driven mad by his fear of dark empty spaces,
and the things that lie hidden in them.

Transcend time and space as a scientist is forced to relive the same few
days over and over in an endless hell of his own making.

The Madness
Run through the streets of Atlanta as a new chemical weapon turns everyday
people into mindless killing machines.

The Screaming Void
See an airplane overrun by horrible inhuman creatures with a taste for

Town of Peace
Feel the chill of hikers chased through the wilderness by the undead.

These and other tales lie in
the dark pages of The Unveiling!

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