Action Packed Sci-Fi Hit!

Action Packed Sci-Fi Hit!

Heavenfall: Genviants Book 1 [Kindle Edition]

2027-Hadrian’s energy web is Earth’s only hope against a raging wave of cosmic dust and debris. But Hadrian has secrets.

Mary Sullivan blames Hadrian for the death of her parents, but as a fringer and the sister of a mech motorcycle gang leader, justice is out of her reach.

With the wave only days away, a prior gang leader, Dex, who left and joined Hadrian’s security, has returned, and she’s discovered the truth about her parents, the truth about the energy web, and the truth about Hadrian.

But, she isn’t anyone special. She isn’t mech. And she’s on the verge of a brain blast.

Will she survive long enough to expose those secrets and save the world?

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