Imagine a fuse that takes centuries to burn…..The Destiny Stone…

Imagine a fuse that take centuries to burn.....The Destiny Stone...

The Destiny Stone [Kindle Edition]

The best place to hide a secret is in the past… but the past can be uncovered.

An ancient Scottish legend tells of Taine Rory Mhor, banished for 7 generations by the king to a far-away land.

A few days later, in April 1296, the English invaded Scotland, captured the sacred and mythical ‘Stone of Scone’ and transported it south, to Westminster Abbey where it has been used in every coronation since.

Or has it…?

In July 2005 as London celebrated winning the rights to host the 2012 Olympic Games, a series of deadly explosions ripped through the city.

On the same day in Scotland the G12 Summit of world leaders was interrupted as protesters stole the Stone Of Scone from a temporary display in the lobby of the Gleneagles Hotel.

So continued a chain of events set in motion over 700 years before.

Events, which if allowed to follow their course would lead to Armageddon – The End of Days –

The annihilation of 4 billion people.

One last holy war could destroy the world. Unless the riddle is solved of a mysterious green stone kept hidden in Buckingham Palace for the last 150 years.

Read the first instalment – ‘Milkshake’ – also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions

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