Last Day To Get TWO Computer Related Books For FREE!!!

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Today is the last day you can get both of the books under my Geekus Maximus pen name for free. Download your free copies:

Horror Stories From A Computer Tech

Seven true stories about the craziest, creepiest, and funniest customers I’ve ever met as an in-home computer technician. Read them at your own risk…

Geek of Legend: The Elvish Screwdriver [Kindle Edition]

Robert had just been let go from his supervisor role at a tech firm. After his interview at Geek Tech, Inc., he agrees to a one-time test run to see if he’ll like the job, since the entire situation seems a bit shady and his predecessor was killed on the job. Come along for the journey as he fixes computers and technology in a world of goblins, dwarves, elves, trolls, orcs, and talking horses.

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