Teach your children about Pandas with this creative book.

Teach your children about Pandas with this creative book.

A Book For Kids About Pandas: The Giant Panda Bear [Kindle Edition]

This book about the Giant Panda was written for children from 5 to 12 years of age. Due to the detailed nature of animal life, it is appropriate to be read by an adult to younger children.

The Giant Panda is a fascinating creature that has captured the world’s heart as it struggles near the brink of extinction. Learn about its unique habitat and find out answers to the following questions:

Where are pandas normally found in the wild?
How do the panda’s eyes differ from other bears?
What types of food does the panda eat? Does the panda eat any meat?
How nutritious is the food that pandas eat?
How many cubs can a mother panda raise at a time?
Does the father panda help with raising the cub?
Are pandas territorial?
How many cubs can a mother panda have in her lifetime? How often can she give birth?
How does the panda eat?
Why are pandas shaped the way they are? Why are panda heads round?
What does the panda spend most of its time doing?
What do baby pandas look like when they are first born?
How big do pandas get?
How heavy do pandas weigh?
How long do panda live in the wild and in captivity?
Does the Giant Panda belong in the bear family or the raccoon family?
Why is the panda on the endangered species list?
How is mankind helping to increase the panda’s numbers?
How does the birth rate affect the number of pandas?

Find out the answers to the above questions and much more. This book contains over 40 amazing and descriptive pictures of the beautiful Giant Panda.

Buy the book today and let us know how you liked it by leaving a review.

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