Vengeance, can be a bloody thing…

Vengeance, can be a bloody thing...

The Personification of Vengeance (The Legend Of The Wandering Sword: Volume I) [Kindle Edition]

With his family torn from his world, Certavantes runs from the tyrannous SerLove with the hope of clinging to life. As his feet create space between him and his pursuer, Certavantes runs into the undeniably powerful Azahni Pasha. After seeing and feeling his pain, Azahni agrees to take the young Certavantes under her wing and train him so that he may attain vengeance for those unable to claim it for themselves. Unbeknownst to Certavantes, he becomes the pupil of a sensei that carries the burdens of a lengthy past.

Packed with adventure, action and colorful characters, “The Personification of Vengeance” is the opening of a tale with revenge and redemption at its core. However, vengeance is not a linear path, and seeking it will leave Certavantes with more scars than it heals.

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