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Free this week, Daewoo I – The Ruins and Package II – Revenge

From the desk of Cleve Sylcox comes two daunting tales – One of demons and possession, and the other of a lawyer thrown head long into a world of murder and revenge.

Daewoo I – The Ruins is the first book of the Daewoo Trilogy. 

If I had known, if I had only knew, Marax would never have me now. But he does have me and he lives in me and flies around me in a constant wash of lies. Like a puppet, I dance to his wishes. I have no control. I kill…you heard me I kill! I do other things much too gruesome for your ears. Certainly too bizarre for your taste. 
This demon called Marax came to me with an offer to good, way to good, but I forgot to ask what I had to do to earn it…and now here I am. Cops chase me wherever I go. Murder, bloody murder is all he asks, and you know something, I’ve learned to like it, yeah I have… Murder, Murder. MURDER! 

The Package – Revenge

Revenge, the second book of, The Package series finds David Winters receiving threatening messages, chased by goons, and shot at by his infatuations. In this Noir detective drama, you will witness Murder, Sex, and an unfolding mystery leaving you gasping for breath and on the edge of your seat.





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Fomorian Earth: Star Borne: 1 [Kindle Edition]

Lars Bergen , Sharon Delarose

1500 BC — The Isle of Destiny is overrun by Fomorian giants who tower over the puny Humans and Fenn. The giants are untouchable until the starship Vireo, carrying an advanced race of humanoids with piercing blue eyes, comes crashing to Earth on the eve of Samhain, the bloodiest pagan festival of the year.

The Fomorian giants interpret their arrival as the prophesied Destroyer. Fomorian mission: seek and destroy whatever fell to Earth. Starship mission: stay alive.

Caught in the midst is ship’s officer Brigit, stranded on Earth on the way to her wedding, and one of the barbarian giants has his eye on her. These barbaric giants won’t hesitate to throw you into the sacrificial fire to honor their god Moloch, and they’ll cut off your nose if you don’t pay tribute.

Will Brigit be rescued by her fiance in space, who desperately searches for the lost starship? Or will she fall into the hands of giants, ruled by Balor of the Evil Eye?

Five humanoid races are plunged into a battle for supremacy — Fomorian giants, Bigfoots, Humans, extraterrestrial Tirnogians, and Fenn dwarves — as a child of prophecy lives hidden in the shadows, waiting to fulfill his destiny.

Past meets future in this tale of giants, dwarves, starships, and medieval warriors.



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Girl Takes The Oath

Girl Takes the Oath is the 5th book in the Emily Kane Adventures. Emily Kane goes to the US Naval Academy, where she makes new friends… and new enemies.
A foreign power wants to extradite her on a murky charge involving an incident in Nepal two years ago, and the Diplomatic Security Service and NCIS are investigating her to find out why. Concentrating on her studies at the Naval Academy is harder than ever, and Emily begins to fear for her friends’ safety. And when a mysterious stranger begins to follow her, and she receives an invitation from the Crown Princess of Japan to meet with her at the Japanese Embassy, the meaning of events does not promise to get any clearer.

Follow along as Emily tries to sort it all out, keep her friends safe, and do what she can for the Crown Princess, and her daughter, Princess Toshi.