Book Review – Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide


Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide to Homesteading & Being Self Sufficient With Organic Gardening [Kindle Edition]

Andrew Owens

5 Star Review – Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide to Homesteading & Being Self Sufficient With Organic Gardening.

As a youth, I worked for a man named Ernie Vemon. He owned a large field of several acres complete with a spring-filled quarry owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad. In these fields, he grew everything from green onions to pumpkins. He took advantage of the many kids in the area by paying us $2.50 after school, and a whole $5.00 to work his fields on Saturday. We planted, hoed, picked, and admired his teenage daughters lack of modesty as she bent over and showed us her…anyway, we worked hard. At home, my mother had her garden and I worked it to produced delicious tomatoes, strawberries, and rhubarb. Since then adult responsibility left me with little time to get my fingers dirty.  

When I saw this book, I had to look inside and see what it is all about. Andrew Owens details in easy to follow steps all you need to know about Organic Gardening. He will show you step by step how to choose the right piece of ground, till the soil, and prepare it, how to make rows, and what to plant and when. He will even take you through Livestock Raising if you have the room. As I read this, I was reminded of the days of my youth and I got that old urge to feel the soil in my hands and grow my own food, chemical free.

Blood will soothe the beast…satisfy its lust. Deny it and it will consume you all!



Sword and Sorcery: Empire of the Worm: An Epic Fantasy Adventure of Sword and Sorcery and Occult Horror: Volume Two: Adult Sorcery Fantasy [Kindle Edition]

Jack Conner

The conclusion to the two-part “Empire of the Worm” sword & sorcery saga.

In the glorious empire of Qazradan, the youngest son of the Emperor seems to have it all — youth, ability, intelligence — and he’s poised on the brink of a great destiny. Not only that, but his family seems ideal, the perfect royal family — not oppressive but nurturing to their empire, almost democratic. But the royal family has a dark secret, and after Davril proves himself with a military victory over a minor rival, his father decides to reveal the family’s secret ahead of time. Davril had been meant to learn it at sixteen, but instead he’ll learn it at fifteen. Would the extra year of maturation have made a difference? One thing is certain — everything is about to change, and not for the better.

When Davril learns the hideous secret at the heart of the empire, that a great, otherworldly being must be given a regular human sacrifice — worse, that it must be Davril’s beloved who dies and he himself who wields the blade, Davril takes drastic and bloody action.

When that happens, the wheels of fate begin to turn. The great and awful being that was supposed to be appeased is now wrathful, and its absence and unwillingness to help Qazradan opens the empire — and the world — up to strange new horrors. For the being had been keep OTHER entities at bay, even darker and more terrible, and with it gone they descend upon the world.

The worst of them all, their supreme deity, is the one known as the Worm, and somehow Davril must prevent its coming, or at least its dominion, but how can he with the empire collapsing into chaos and a vicious cult out for his blood?

This is Part Two of two. Find Part One of the Sword & Sorcery Adventure here . . .

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˃˃˃ This is a sword and sorcery tale of triumph, tragedy, bloodshed and horror, as Davril seeks to reverse what he’s done and prevent Qazradan from becoming . . . the Empire of the Worm.

People who love “Weird Tales”, the works of Robert E. Howard, horror fiction, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, epic battle fantasy, epic war fantasy, sword and sorcery, H. P. Lovecraft, and other weird fiction writers are likely to enjoy “Empire of the Worm: Two One (of Two)”. It’s sword and sorcery adventure with a dose of horror.

˃˃˃ Check out the “Click to Look Inside” section to get started reading. (Includes sample of “Nightmare City: a Post-Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure” at the end.

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Scroll up and grab a copy of “Empire of the Worm: An Dark Epic Fantasy of Sword and Sorcery and Lovecraft Horror: Part Two (of Two) A Tale of Fantasy Adventure and Lovecraft Horror in the Ancient World” today.