Featured Book Of The Week, Lying in Wait by Elizabeth Jasper


Lying in Wait [Kindle Edition]

Elizabeth Jasper

‘He could just see himself, in a year or so, going back home with his pockets stuffed with cash and his Da, Zach and Ma welcoming him with big smiles and open arms. It would be that grand he could hardly wait.’

But when Malachy Flynn finds himself mixed up with the Conway family in Dublin, he realises that making money isn’t always easy – or legal. Then there’s gang boss, Brogan. No-one messes with Brogan. Ever.

Northumberland farmer Tom Oliver prefers the company of married women, but time’s running out for him when his new dairyman moves to Netherwell Farm with his dangerously attractive wife and her pretty younger sister.

In London, Mal falls in love with Tom’s niece, Jess, but they are forced to flee to Northumberland when his secret past catches up with him. Revelations and death turn everyone’s lives upside down. Can Mal protect those he loves or will he forever be watching over his shoulder, waiting for Brogan to take revenge?

This Weeks Featured Author – Elizabeth Jasper

Liz Miller - Featured Author Week of August 17th, 2014.

Elizabeth Jasper – Featured Author Week of August 17th, 2014.

Elizabeth Jasper in her own words…

Born and raised in the NE of England, I spent most of my working life in various administrative capacities in prestigious UK universities, where I organised Summer Schools and Study Tours, as well as carrying out a variety of administrative functions. I liked working for a living – it paid the bills – but I love writing even more. These days I am fortunate enough to be able to write full-time and have completed six novels, all available on Amazon Kindle: The Golden Cuckoo (for children aged 9-13), Lying in Wait, A Bed of Knives and books One and Two in the ‘Meggie’ Series – Meggie Blackthorn (Book One) and Meggie Blue (Book Two). The third book in the series, Jack the Lad, is in progress. I’ve also written a sexy rom-com. The Other No 10,’ under the name Jo Jacobs. All my books are available in paperback. My primary aim as a writer is to entertain and engage my readers. I write across genres in order to expand my characters beyond the stereotypes often found in genre books and no matter how dark the material, I hope I can raise a smile or two along the way. A tear is even better.

Elizabeth’s also contributed a great story, Danse Macabre (also available to download from Amazon) is in Brandon Hale’s Vampire and Zombie book, The Bitten.