Take the field and fight alongside ghost and men of might…



The Sacred Band [Kindle Edition]

Janet Morris , Chris Morris

When The Sacred Band begins, all mercy is lost in the fog of war, as Tempus’ Stepsons risk everything on a strange battlefield, infuriating gods and Fates:
The Sacred Band of Thebes lives on, a world away, in this mythic novel of love in war in ancient times. In 338 BCE, during the Battle of Chaeronea that results in the massacre of the Sacred Band of Thebes, the legendary Tempus and his Stepson cavalry rescue twenty-three pairs of Theban Sacred Banders, paired lovers and friends, to fight on other days. These forty-six Thebans, whose bones will never lie in the mass grave that holds their two hundred and fifty-four brothers, join with the immortalized Tempus and his Sacred Band of Stepsons, consummate ancient cavalry fighters, to make new lives in a faraway land and fight the battle of their dreams where gods walk the earth, ghosts take the field, and the angry Fates demand their due.

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Pure Control [Kindle Edition]

C. Brill , Ayla Page

When a metallic cube with unusual controls inside is unearthed during the building of an amusement park, the developer decides to build it into an attraction.

Giancarlo, Quinn, Tyrell and their families are among the first to visit this attraction when they find themselves trapped in the room.

But the strange controls are more than mere window dressing.

And the room is intended for other purposes than entertainment. Purposes the group is not prepared for.

The situation they’re locked in seems impossible and spirals out of control, placing everyone in danger. Giancarlo is forced to take the role of leader, facing an ever-more dangerous adversary when one of the group members takes his control too far as they attempt to find a way out.




1889: Journey To The Moon (The Far Journey Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]

George Wier , Billy Kring

It’s 1889. Eleven people are on a strange steam-powered anti-gravity spaceship to the Moon. Included in the crew are such unlikely passengers and crew as: Billy The Kid, Nikola Tesla, Jack The Ripper, a Sioux warrior out for the blood of George Armstrong Custer (who did not die at the Little Bighorn), a Cossack warrior-princess, a battery of robots, a half-man and half-cyborg engineer, a Punjabi mathematician and linguist, a big-game hunter from Africa, and the great-grandson of Blackbeard the Pirate, not to mention the genius who designed the ship. There are aliens on the Moon with evil intentions, the robots are wound a little too tightly, and no one knows that the Ripper is along for the ride except the Londoner himself.

What could possibly go wrong?

Accolades for 1889: Journey to the Moon:

Kring & Wier vault to the head of the burgeoning steampunk genre with this hyper-extrapolated, richly detailed saga. Every nut and bolt is tightened in place, and the cast of characters is a rogue’s gallery of 19th Century mad scentists, outlaws and adventurers. I haven’t had this much fun going to the Moon since H. G. Wells sent Bedford and Cavor into the sky.
K. W. Jeter, author of Infernal Devices and Fiendish Schemes

Reads in the best way like a lost Jules Verne and H.G. Wells collaboration. Sense of wonder and the magic of great storytelling drive this fast-paced, steam-driven tale to a stunning conclusion with some adventurous stops along the way.
Joe R. Lansdale

1889: Journey to the Moon is a rip-roaring steampunk thrill-ride with a wonderful cast of characters. Bring on the sequel!
Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries.

Kring and George Wier elevate the Steampunk genre to its pinnacle in 1889: Journey to the Moon. More than Verne, more than Wells, these two have created a thrill-a-minute adventure with a menagerie of unlikely characters, such as Billy the Kid, Nikola Tesla, George Custer and so many others. And what’s truly amazing, the science is plausible! This book will astound and entertain. Add in the special bonus of authentic language, dress and mannerisms, and you have the makings for a classic SF/steampunk novel that will go down in history—or rewrite it!
T.R. Harris, author of The Fringe Worlds

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Nucor: Seasons of the Moons [Kindle Edition]

Cleve Sylcox , Elizabeth Mackey

Thomas Hardwick has problems – He cannot remember his involvement in the scant wars. Scratchy memories with feelings of dread link him to a past he wants to forget. A nightmare hangs over him, casting an evil shadow. Thrums invade the planet threatening to murder all its inhabitants whose hatred for each other dates back centuries. Thomas must unite them in order for the planet to survive. A battle for possession, conquest and survival ensues.
Nucor – Season of the Moons Who Will Survive