Featured Author Of The Week Elizabeth Monroe

Elizabeth Monroe

Elizabeth Monroe

Elizabeth A. Monroe, was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but lives in Oklahoma. The hearty pioneering spirit of her great-grandparents and grandparents who settled in Indian Territory and later staked out family landholdings during the Oklahoma Land Run, endures in her stories, her writing style, and in the characters she brings to life on the written pages.

“I’ve always felt that the places and people I write about perhaps exist somewhere — maybe in another time, universe or dimension. Writing for me feels like I’m tuning in to another frequency, much like turning a radio dial, or watching a movie. It’s great entertainment!”

E.A. Monroe’s short stories have been digitally published by Island Grove Press, Ivan Prokopchuk, Editor, Toronto, Canada and have been read and enjoyed by many.

Her latest, Summer Doldrums, will be published by Nain Rouge, Mark Durfee, Editor.

Written in Omen is listed as one of the “Modern Gothic Voices.” http://document.mitrasites.com/doc/gothic-voices.html

“Upon doing a search for the word ‘Objishanda,’ (it’s Cherokee, by the way), I found my novel Written in Omen listed by the Mitrasites, of all places, as a ‘modern gothic voice.’ I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘southern, kitchen sink’ writer!”

The following is an interview by The Nain Rouge:

“The Ouija Board Said I Was a Witch”
“That’s one potential title of Summer Doldrums’ author, EA Monroe’s future autobiography. And although I don’t know the story behind it, I’m sure that once it’s written, it will tell the tale with vivid imagery and an eccentric cast of characters. Born in Texas, but raised in Oklahoma by a small town physician father and a stay-at-home/nurse mother, Liz hails from a long line of “rebels, outlaws, and free thinkers” (not to mention the pirates – and no, I’m not kidding).
Because she always had an over-active imagination and what she refers to as “fantastic misconceptions” as a child, Liz started writing at the tender age of 10 – and hasn’t stopped since. Liz lists social alienation, unexpected circumstances, small town life, and coming-of-age tales among her favorite themes to write about and considers herself a kitchen sink reality writer. I would agree – Summer Doldrums is a classic example: a story about small town life, domestic normalcy, brought to life with gritty, colorful detail.
Liz’s major works include plans for 12 books in the Voice Of the Wind series – novels that encompass both a mythical landscape and a shenanigan-prone cast of characters. Liz’s current working novel, Agate Jones, is set in 1931 in downtown Oklahoma City. Two sisters run away from an orphanage, disguise themselves as boys and embark on a colorful adventure with more action than I’m allowed words.

Elizabeth Monroe is truly an eccentric and inspiring writer and The Nain Rouge is honored and excited to publish Summer Doldrums. — Sarah Doyle

A brief note from my Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time series: Objishanda is an ancient word that when translated from the speech of the Objishanda into the Common Dialect, means Starfolk. Of the original tribes of the Objishanda that migrated to the shores of El Nath, only seven tribes survived: the Gahada (forest), Mikuyi (wolf), Ganunda (mountain), Majarra (bird), Meltari (star), Ogista (fire), and the Onega (sea).

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