Two wonderful books of fantasy masterfully written…a definite Must Read!


Written In Omen (Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time) [Kindle Edition]

Set within a world that abounds in superstition, folklore, and the Star Folk of the Objishanda, Written In Omen weaves a story of love, intrigue, and a family curse. Jarutia Fayerfield has three brothers and each brother has his own agenda. Martin, the oldest and heir, plots revenge for his father’s transgressions and control of the family. Keiron chases love wherever he finds love. Jarutia’s twin brother Jantz pursues answers to a mysterious gap in the history of a family that takes pride on loyalty and blood ties — no matter where the truth leads him, including betrayal of his family and beloved sister. Contrary to Martin’s ambitious plans for her future, Jarutia desires the forbidden love of Doriano Drake, a man of the Objishanda, whose family secrets and ancestral memories threaten Jarutia’s happiness and Jantz’s life.

Will Jarutia win the love she craves, or will threat and fear for Jantz’s life force her into a loveless marriage to safeguard the family’s fortunes? Will Jantz discover the truth behind the family curse and seek his own destiny, or will life teach him lessons that will either break or harden his heart? Will Doriano Drake find true friendship and the love his mother promised? Not if Martin has his way!

Fortune’s Hostage (Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time) [Kindle Edition]

Book 2 in the Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time series, continues weaving a fascinating story of love, intrigue, ambition, and a family curse.

“Seize every opportunity and turn it to your advantage.” — that’s Martin Fayerfield’s motto. But, how far will Martin go to manipulate people, events and circumstances to suit his ambitions?

Jarutia Fayerfield may have found love in Doriano Drake’s arms, but can she keep him or must she sacrifice all she holds dear — her hopes and dreams — to protect Doriano, their newborn son, and her twin brother, Jantz?

Who is the mysterious girl Jantz Fayerfield discovers wandering through the Abeytu? And why has she placed daffodils upon the graves of Eolande and Cymbeline? When Jantz pursues her will he find the answers he seeks and unravel long held secrets?

The struggle to break free of greed, prejudice and the emotional tentacles woven in past lives, or in this one lifetime, threatens to overturn lives. Decisions are rendered and lies told, but for what price? For what price are Fayerfields, Tourneys and Drakes willing to forfeit — or pay — for betrayal or happiness?

Or, are they all Fortune’s Hostage?

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