This Weeks Featured Author – Elizabeth Jasper

Liz Miller - Featured Author Week of August 17th, 2014.

Elizabeth Jasper – Featured Author Week of August 17th, 2014.

Elizabeth Jasper in her own words…

Born and raised in the NE of England, I spent most of my working life in various administrative capacities in prestigious UK universities, where I organised Summer Schools and Study Tours, as well as carrying out a variety of administrative functions. I liked working for a living – it paid the bills – but I love writing even more. These days I am fortunate enough to be able to write full-time and have completed six novels, all available on Amazon Kindle: The Golden Cuckoo (for children aged 9-13), Lying in Wait, A Bed of Knives and books One and Two in the ‘Meggie’ Series – Meggie Blackthorn (Book One) and Meggie Blue (Book Two). The third book in the series, Jack the Lad, is in progress. I’ve also written a sexy rom-com. The Other No 10,’ under the name Jo Jacobs. All my books are available in paperback. My primary aim as a writer is to entertain and engage my readers. I write across genres in order to expand my characters beyond the stereotypes often found in genre books and no matter how dark the material, I hope I can raise a smile or two along the way. A tear is even better.

Elizabeth’s also contributed a great story, Danse Macabre (also available to download from Amazon) is in Brandon Hale’s Vampire and Zombie book, The Bitten.

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