Daewoo, is not just a Korean car…it is home for a killer!

Daewoo Banner

DAEWOO, The Series

Daewoo I: The Ruins [Kindle Edition] Kindle Price:$2.99

Detective Selma Porters never thought her first day on the beat with the Meyersville PD would find her on a sandbar of a rising river looking at a body – Murder, day one. Then that evening another and then another the next morning. Three murders, in a community where the last murder was one hundred years ago, but in lees than twenty-four hours that has all changed and there is more to come. Vincent is on the prowl. He is a man possessed with a demon with a thirst for young girls and blood.Cleve Sylcox , Vickie Struckmann David Graham

Daewoo II: Murphy’s Bar [Kindle Edition] Kindle Price:$3.00

Cleve Sylcox , Vickie Struckmann , David Graham

Daewoo II, the second book in the Daewoo series, finds Vincent in the swamps of Louisiana, fighting not only the demon, Marax, but also himself to keep the demon away. The law has him surrounded and demons from hell want Marax to come home, for good. Hurricanes, murder, and a constant threat of anarchy throws the quiet town of Everson, Louisiana into chaos.

Daewoo III: The Exorcism [Kindle Edition] Kindle Price:$3.00

Cleve Sylcox , Vickie Struckmann , David Graham

Daewoo III, the third book in the Daewoo series, finds Vincent on the run in St. Louis, Missouri. A force he does not understand pulls him to the one place he does not want to be, the Exorcist House where an exorcism took place years before and now another will tear the source of his existence from him. Marax will resists and murder again and again! This thrilling conclusion is not what you expect but is everything you hope for.

Daewoo – Trilogy [Kindle Edition] Kindle Price:$5.99

Cleve Sylcox

The Trilogy is brought to you in one book… in one easy download. When a demon named Marax proposes an offer he can’t refuse, the ability to use his crippled legs again in return for his soul, Vincent Vandermel gladly takes the deal. Only too late does Vincent realize that the demon will not be content with just his soul. The result is a hell bent cross country chase from small town Meyersville, Rhode Island to Everson, Louisiana before finally coming to a chaotic end in Saint Louis. It’s a fast paced tale you won’t soon forget.

Daewoo -Trilogy [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition] 

by Cleve Sylcox (Author), Peter Husmann (Narrator)

The complete series narrated by the master of suspense, Peter Husman. Plug in your headset and listen on a stormy night.

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