Munchkin Hilarious

Munchkin Hilarious

The Wicked Witch of the West Rides Again [Kindle Edition]

“I know of no other author today who is as gifted and talented as Darrin in making you laugh at things you know you have no business laughing at.” – Thomas Jerome Baker, author of Meet Me In Memphis: A Story of True Love.
Dorothy Gale, The Wicked Witch of the West, Mickey Windmill Not Goldmill Like It Was In The Rocky Movies For Those That Don’t Know Who Mickey Goldmill Is, and the Great and Powerful Ozzie Was Born With The Head Of A Bat In His Mouth star in this sequel to the top-selling Kindle parody, The Wicked Witch of the West: Munchkin Killer, that sees Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West face off in the boxing ring in front of an audience baying for the Wicked Witch’s blood. And getting it. Cameo appearances by Dr Spocketti, The Hulkstereo 104.3FM, and a number of other wrestling and Star Trek stars from the 1970s and 80s add to the hilarity. 1-Click your copy for INSTANT download and start laughing now 😀


I can’t sleep now…

I can't sleep now...

Dreamdancer [Kindle Edition]

Dreamdancers have fled their forests to live in the cities where humans consider them a lower race. The dreamdancer Aivar has fled the devastation of his homeland and must whore his dreams out to humans to scrape by day to day. To save a sick friend from death, he pretends to possess a higher level of dream control than he actually has. Such a deception, though, will not go unpunished.

This is a short epic fantasy story, about 20 pages.

Zombies must eat…yum….

Zombies must eat...yum....

ZOMBIE BOOKS [Kindle Edition]

Zombie Books is the incredible post apocalyptic story of Kyle Moore. Kyle is a 20 year old high school dropout living in Cheney Washington. He is considered a no good loser by the other residents until after the zombie apocalypse where he is one of the few remaining survivors. Contrary to popular belief he is very smart and has mad survival skills which help him thrive in a very dangerous new world. Kyle Moore becomes a zombie hunter who is determined to rid his town of all the undead and becomes the protector and local hero of the last people left alive there.

For the Kiddies

For the Kiddies

Alice and the Bookworm – Coloring Books For Kids To Print Inside! (New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland illustrated With Printable Coloring Pages For Kids) [Kindle Edition]


FREE BONUS:- Alice and the Bookworm has FREE Coloring Books inside for kids to print! In fact the whole New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland illustrated series contains free printable coloring pages for kids.

Everyone knows the story of Alice and her adventure in Wonderland, but that is all. No one has a clue as to what happened before and after this adventure.
Frankly, that is a bit ridiculous.
For you see, Alice’s whole life did not revolve around Wonderland, oh no. She was an extraordinary girl who visited an equally extraordinary amount of places.
In this adventure, Alice is transformed into bug size and taken to Bugville by Professor Bookworm, a knowledgeable bookworm that needs her help. The citizens of Bugville have been feeling unappreciated, and are planning an attack on Alice and her family. All seems hopeless for Alice, until a common enemy threatens them all!
Join Alice as she stands up for what she believes in, and teaches others to do so to, in this new adventure; even more bold and innovative than her time in Wonderland!
And after you’ve finished reading ALICE AND THE BOOKWORM, have double the fun by downloading the free coloring book pdf. ALICE AND THE BOOKWORM Kindle E-book has inside FREE coloring books for kids to print! In fact the whole New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland illustrated series contains free printable coloring pages for kids.

Robinson’s Masterpiece

Robinson's Masterpiece

River Oaks Plantation [Kindle Edition]

Margaret Jane Turnrow first laid eyes on River Oaks Plantation amid lush foliage and oak trees dripping with Spanish moss when she returned from her honeymoon as a petite hazel-eyed fifteen-year-old bride to the antebellum mansion. She immediately fell in love with the house and grounds and beautifying the garden with plants. Her first task involved lining the oak drive with azaleas. Determined to have the best plantation gardens, she soon recreated formal ones designed from precious memories of France, Italy, and England she’d toured on her honeymoon. Before the Civil War, she imported plants, and gardening became her passion. During the war, it was her only one. The fertile Louisiana soil loved and nursed her plants as much as she did, and they grew like the cotton and sugarcane.
Pale as a magnolia blossom, she sparkled like the sun reflecting off Lake Pontchartrain when she flashed pearly white teeth with her camellia red smile, but small white hands tucked demurely into the folds of her gown as she sat quietly during elegant dinners, concealed her true vivacious spirit. The war would change the shy woman-child as it ravaged through her life and took its toll on the home and family life she came to know and love with all of her heart.
Before the Civil War, dashing Danny Paul Turnrow stood six-foot-two-inches, as tall and elegant as the white-columned plantation home he’d purchased on the banks of the Mississippi River. He led a charmed life as a charismatic cotton baron known as one of the richest men on River Road. River Oaks boasted over thirty-five-hundred acres of fertile Louisiana soil, mostly planted in cotton with the exception of some sugarcane along the Mississippi River banks and his wife’s gardens.
He returned from the war a different man, as broken as the pillared splendor of the South. Surrounded by cypress swamps and sugarcane fields on the river’s end and white blankets of cotton edging the dirt roads, River Oaks Plantation still stood, but the grand life he’d led turned to one of backbreaking toil. He no longer stood so tall and proud with an aching back hunched over Louisiana cotton fields.
With the future uncertain, fear lurks in his heart and soul and clouds his mind. What will sustain his marriage through the loss? Can they defend what’s most precious to them and maintain River Oaks as a working plantation? The manor home is the only legacy he has left and the only life he has ever known. Will he lose it?
Years later, Amaryllis Camilla O’Brien is stranded alone with two dogs on the top floor of an antebellum plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, as a deadly hurricane rips and roars through the city and raging floodwaters threaten to devour the old home. She discovers a yellowed diary. Will family secrets drown in the flood with her? Will the diary matter? She’s determined to save it and the dogs, or die trying. Has her grandmother left her a sinking ship?
Noah Gautreaux, the plantation manager, took vehicles to higher ground and is supposed to return, but will he make it in time to save Amaryllis and his pet girls? The old house withstood the floods of 1973, 1983, and 1993. He doesn’t think he has to worry about it floating off down the Mississippi River, but as excessive rain and wind continue to batter the area and the water continues to rise when the levee breaches, he realizes there’s a first time for everything and this could be it for the white-columned beauty of ages past. Will the plantation, the only woman he’s ever loved, and his pets drown or be blown away? Can he save what’s most precious to him? Will River Oaks ever be the same, or will Katrina destroy what the Civil War spared?