Zombies against Vampires…NOW that’s worth reading!!

Zombies against Vampires...NOW that's worth reading!!

After The End Paperback

The story of a woman surviving a zombie outbreak by creating a tense alliance of humans and vampires; it follows their interactions as this community faces a life remade by death. She must battle both her past and her growing feelings for one of the vampires. Can she maintain a future as the leader of her small community of survivors against rival humans and the masses of Dead?

Feeling close never felt this good…until now.

Feeling close never felt this good...until now.

Pillow Talk- Connecting More Deeply to the One You Love One Question at a Time.

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. Without it, the relationship will starve itself to death.

Trust, comes from sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other as you grow together in your relationship. Two roads becoming one.

Intimacy creates that deep bond the one that holds you together through the tough times. It’s that side of you that the rest of the world is not privy to. The one you save for that special someone.

Communication, Intimacy and Trust. Three of the most important ingredients that make a relationship last. Not the only ingredients, of course, but without these main staples, a couple can stay together, but the relationship will end up being hollow, never reaching that deeper meaning that was created specifically for two people in love.

Pillow Talk was created to help couples keep those three all important factors near the surface of your relationship so that none of them become neglected. If you have communication, honest, open communication, the other two will follow. Pillow Talk will help keep your communication flowing. Keeping it fresh, fun, exciting no matter where you are on your path with your mate. Every couple can find their next great conversation in this book.

Explosive drama, Rawhide was never this good….

Explosive drama, Rawhide was never this good....

Captive Heart

In a time of prejudice, when white settlers ventured out West to expand their territories and the Indian tribes fought to keep what has always been theirs, beautiful and courageous Sarah Dobson gets caught between the underlying battle changing her life forever.
Can she forgive the man who took her son’s life? Can she learn to love again?
Captive Heart is the fast-paced, emotionally charged story of this woman, reeling from the death of her son and struggling against the prejudices she was raised with. Will her faith be enough to carry her through the betrayals and the heartbreak toward a life of her own? Or will she be forced to live a life where her heart is held captive?

Sometimes reaching out you grasp more than you’re ready for.

Sometimes reaching out you grasp more than you're ready for.

Fire by Night (Refiner’s Fire Book #2) (Refiner’s Fire) [Kindle Edition]

Two young women in a land shattered by war test the limits of their strength

Lovely Julia Hoffman has always enjoyed the carefree life of her well-to-do Philadelphia family. But when she fails to attract the attention of Nathaniel Greene, a fierce abolitionist, she shocks her family by becoming a Union nurse. Will that be enough to win Nathaniel’s heart?

Phoebe Bigelow, from western Virginia, has always been a misfit, and when her brothers join the Union army, she also enlists–under false pretenses.

Soon, both have their eyes opened to the realities of war and suffering. Neither is quite ready for the demands of her new life, but their journeys of sacrifice and love are sure to change them in unexpected ways.

In God this she trust…

In God this she trust...

Simple Faith (The Peacemakers) [Kindle Edition]

After losing her beloved husband and daughter and surviving Hitler’s Sobibor death camp, Quaker widow Anja Steinberg dedicates her life to helping others and keeping her son safe. As a member of the resistance, she helps displaced Allied airmen get back to their units in England. The journey is rigorous and filled with danger and there is no time for romance. Anja knows that Mikel, her fellow resistance worker, loves her. He would make a good husband and father for her son, but she doesn’t share his feelings. Is friendship enough? Then American Peter Trent parachutes into her life. She must face facts—her heart did not die with her late husband and true love could be hers again. But marrying Mikel may be the only way she can save Peter.