Aye Matey, dead mans chest and all that….

Aye Matey, dead mans chest and all that....

Hexes and X’s (Z&C Mysteries, #3) [Kindle Edition]

An invitation to a dead pirate’s two-hundred-year-old mansion. A decrepit finger bone tied to a map of hidden passages, supposedly leading to bloody pearls. A legal fight over who owns the estate, and its hidden treasure–the tenacious town council, the mischievous Matilda Dread, or the kooky Coven House Witches? And booby-traps galore.

What are Zoey and her daughter Claire getting themselves into now?

This weeks Featured Author – John Daulton

This weeks Featured Author - John Daulton

John Daulton is a fiction, fantasy and science fiction writer with a love for stories that take readers “somewhere else.”

Captivated as a child by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit–read to him before a fireplace over a perfect span of winter nights–he was made forever a fan of the fantasy genre and, from that, eventually grew the desire to create magical worlds of his own.

Years passed, life doing what it does, but eventually the raw awesomeness of R.A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf Trilogy inspired him to pursue writing as something more than a hobby, including providing the motivation for him to go back to school and obtain both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.

His debut novel, The Galactic Mage, spent several weeks in the top ten for Amazon’s Kindle science fiction and fantasy, and continues to thrill readers with its mixing and blending of those two genres. The Galactic Mage series continues with the second installment, Rift in the Races, released in January 2013, and the third book, Hostiles, which came out in June 2013. A fourth novel in the series is underway. Updates on John Daulton’s upcoming works can be found at DaultonBooks.com.

An Interview with Debbie the Ferret by Joey Kupfer



Today on Paws4Thought I’d like to welcome a guest interviewer, Joey Kupfer.

Joey recently had the privilege to talk with a very elusive celebrity Debbie the Ferret. Debbie took a break from her tough sleep schedule in order to answer a few of Joey’s questions.

JOEY:  We know you’re really good on the computer (so am I), what other household devices or machines would you like to try or have your tried?

DEBBIE:  As you know Joey, ferrets are very small, so I’m limited in the kind of household devices I can use. I can handle the TV remote and the remote for the CD player, but that’s about it.

JOEY: Who’s your favorite, Charlie (the cat) or Andrew (the human)?

DEBBIE: I love them both, for different reasons. Charlie is my mate, I can talk to him, play with him and occasionally curl up with him. I love Andrew…

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