Looking for something that will knock your socks off…Check out this Sci-Fi

Looking for something that will knock your socks off...Check out this Sci-Fi

Fomorian Earth: Star Borne: 1 [Kindle Edition]

1500 BC — The Isle of Destiny is overrun by Fomorian giants. Their king, Balor of the Evil Eye, who rules over Humans with an iron fist, keeps other humanoid species as slaves. The giants are untouchable until the starship Vireo, carrying an advanced race of humanoids, comes crashing to Earth.

Caught in the midst of the eve of Samhain, the bloodiest pagan festival of the year, the new arrivals struggle to survive. The Fomorians interpret their presence as that of the prophesied Destroyer. Their mission, seek and destroy whatever fell to Earth, before it destroys them.

Fomorian Earth is speculative science fiction, inspired by the Celtic mythology of the Tuatha dé Danann and Fomorians of ancient Ireland. Today, ancient astronaut theorists are suggesting that both the Fomorians and the Tuatha dé Danann were extraterrestrial astronauts from another star system, and it is from this possibility that the Star Borne epic series comes to life. Interweaving historical fact with science fiction and fantasy, Fomorian Earth brings to life the power struggles, bloody human sacrifices, and treachery of an Earth before Humans became the dominant species.

WARNING: Fomorian Earth, the first book in the Star Borne series, contains mature situations, violence, and language. Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Oh, pass the popcorn…love this read!

Oh, pass the popcorn...love this read!

The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer: Book 2 (The Journeys of a Necromancer) [Kindle Edition]

Thomas now views his magic as less than good, but he must raise one more army. This one not of his creation though. For the first time he learns fear of the undead. More than ever, he longs to see the waters of the great sea to the west. Will he find peace there? Will Christina and he find a home with the people of the shores? Maybe. But, maybe he’ll have to fight magic darker than his own to keep his new home.

Maybe he’ll have to fight magic so dark that even a half demon witch fears it.

I…I gotta get out of here….You will want to reach through the pages and help!

I...I gotta get out of here....You will want to reach through the pages and help!

Desperate Damsel [Kindle Edition]

A scared wife, dreaming of an escape from her abusive husband finds herself trapped and running out of time. Being isolated from the world, other than her dead end job, she finds that she has no family, friends or money. Will her plan of escape work out? Will she get out before he kills her? Enter this romantic thriller of an abusive relationship that goes too far.

In a world of Health, a virus softly creeps…

In a world of Health, a virus soft creeps...

The Journal Paperback

April 26th 2014, The Choragus Parasite released itself on humanity. It has been estimated that over seventy percent of the worlds population was already infected before the parasite became active. Very little is known about its origins, or how it spread so quickly. All that is known is that the parasite thrived in hostile environment, and that it was triggered by aggression. In three weeks over ninety percent of the worlds population was wiped out. It is estimated that less than one hundred thousand people remain. The following Journal was recovered on a small island off the coast of what used to be Canada. This is the only written account of the events that unfolded sixty years ago, and has become a lesson to the surviving members of humanity.

Donald Morrison is an up and coming writer out of Pasadena California. His debut novel, Rabid Lands, features a rat and two guinea pigs as they fight their way through a rabid, zombie infected forest in hopes of finding a cure to stop the infection.

Donald also has an extensive musical background including eight worldwide released electronic albums under the moniker, Kilpanda, as well as an ever growing IMDb resume including work on The Twilight Saga and multiple Indy films.

This is just the beginning we’re going to see from this budding author, and the first in what promises to be a long catalog of releases.