The Past Catches The Future In This Spine Tingling Jekyll and Hyde Thriller

The Past Catches The Future In This Spine Tingling Jekyll and Hyde Thriller

The Journals of Jacob and Hyde (Jehovah and Hades (Book 1)) [Kindle Edition]

Jekyll and Hyde brought into the modern world…
(The first book in the Jehovah and Hades series.)

Jake was just a normal kid who enjoyed hearing his mother’s bedtime stories. The stories became shockingly real when he discovered that he was a descendant of Dr. Jekyll and that he had his own Mr. Hyde living inside him. With both of his parents dead, he has no one to guide him as he struggles to control his inner-demon. Can this descendant of Jekyll protect himself and the girl he loves from his personal Mr. Hyde?

Featured Author Of The Week Randall Morris

Featured Author Of The Week Randall Morris

Randall Morris has a bachelors degree in history from BYU and enjoys writing history articles, travel / photo books, and action / adventure fiction. He spent two years in the Philippines as a missionary and speaks fluent Tagalog. He has worked in the IT field for over seven years. His works are currently available as ebooks, paperbacks, and audio books. Morris has been a self-published author since early 2012. You can find him on Facebook at: