New Author C. Loyd Brill First Novel – Check it out…



Pure Control [Kindle Edition]

C. Brill , Ayla Page

When a metallic cube with unusual controls inside is unearthed during the building of an amusement park, the developer decides to build it into an attraction.

Giancarlo, Quinn, Tyrell and their families are among the first to visit this attraction when they find themselves trapped in the room.

But the strange controls are more than mere window dressing.

And the room is intended for other purposes than entertainment. Purposes the group is not prepared for.

The situation they’re locked in seems impossible and spirals out of control, placing everyone in danger. Giancarlo is forced to take the role of leader, facing an ever-more dangerous adversary when one of the group members takes his control too far as they attempt to find a way out.

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