Nucor: Season of the Moons (Volume 1) Paperback – February

Nucor: Season of the Moons (Volume 1) Paperback – February

Once upon a time, there was a world of men and women going about their daily lives without fear, without worry, without threats. Greed changed everything. Earth destroyed. A new world created. Nucor is a plant of Humanoids called Scants, led by a reluctant Thomas Hardwick. His memory of a past Scant war against the humans is lost. He only remembers the times since then and the chaos surrounding the present. With the help of his female companion Welmac, the past is unlocked revealing a man Thomas wishes never existed. The inhabitants of Nucor consist of four Races set on destroying each other. However, an invading armada of lizards pulls them together in a battle of epic proportions. In the middle of all this is Runa, the Wood Witch, she does not want a union of Scants, she wants One race to rule them all. Season of the moons…Season of conquest and revenge.

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