An Interview with Debbie the Ferret by Joey Kupfer



Today on Paws4Thought I’d like to welcome a guest interviewer, Joey Kupfer.

Joey recently had the privilege to talk with a very elusive celebrity Debbie the Ferret. Debbie took a break from her tough sleep schedule in order to answer a few of Joey’s questions.

JOEY:  We know you’re really good on the computer (so am I), what other household devices or machines would you like to try or have your tried?

DEBBIE:  As you know Joey, ferrets are very small, so I’m limited in the kind of household devices I can use. I can handle the TV remote and the remote for the CD player, but that’s about it.

JOEY: Who’s your favorite, Charlie (the cat) or Andrew (the human)?

DEBBIE: I love them both, for different reasons. Charlie is my mate, I can talk to him, play with him and occasionally curl up with him. I love Andrew…

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