Galactic Confrontation with Survival…SUSPENSFUL!

Galactic Confrontation with Survival...SUSPENSFUL!

Aurora (The Exodus Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]

“Having read the first of the trilogy I couldn’t wait for number two, and this doesn’t disappoint. Andreas is an author with great imagination and panache. Highly recommended” Amazon review

“Conflict and resolution, joy and heartbreak, triumph and defeat – it’s all there” Amazon review

On Aurora, humanity’s final outpost is heading for disaster.

In 2080, the starship Exodus left Earth, carrying some 1600 people, to give humanity a second chance. Now, in 2245, the colonists are trying to build a future on distant Aurora. But the doomed world that sent them on their long voyage had turned authoritarian and repressive, leading a small group to form a plan to let those sent on the Exodus choose a different path.

While Kenneth Taylor struggles to accept his self-imposed silence even on the new world, Thomas Dunn is slowly subverting the colonial administration. Governor George Havelar, on the other hand, plans to make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated as he proposes a radical plan for human expansion. In the north a simmering discontent is threatening to break up the unity of the human settlement on Aurora, and former scramjet pilot Tina Hammer realizes she cannot stay out of the conflict. Maria Solis, torn between loyalty to her father’s faction and her own desires, is suddenly being forced into the conflict as she witnesses a terrible crime.

With an entire planet to discover, tensions rise as opposing forces work their plans. While the leadership of the colony tries to affirm its control, others are working to regain lost liberties.

Will humanity’s final outpost survive the confrontation, or succumb to destruction?

“I can see this well-imagined universe of Christensen’s not ending with the third installment, but instead going on for some time” Amazon review

“A different type of sci-fi series that I found to be well written and well thought out. If you enjoy sci-fi I think you will enjoy reading this series” Amazon review

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