Role Models

There are many people I admire but few I have as role models. I’m picky in this matter and rightly we all should when it comes to people we place on any pedestal.

First and foremost as you may have guest is my father who is the example of fortitude and ingenuity. That man had a never say die attitude and his ability to create something out of nothing is legendary. 41 years ago this month the lord took him from us and truly I miss him and his words of wisdom which are ingrained into my heart, my mind, soul, and butt.

My Mother is second to no one…she is right there a long side my father as most respected and admired. She sacrificed her life to her children, gave birth to 13 kids, and loved and cared for each and every one of us no matter what. She is the star of loyalty, devotion, strength, and most of all Love. She was taking from us all too soon, 16 years ago next month.   

My brothers without whom I would have never learned to be a smart ass.

My sisters without whom I would have never learned the skills of house conduct, and house hold chores.

Then there are my friends, without whom I would have no stories to hide from my children.

If you look back on your life as well, you will find many which you admired for one reason or another. As far as me and my walk only a handful I found as role models…someone who I can point to and say, follow this example. It is not because they achieved Worldly greatness. Rather, it was the way they conducted their lives. It was the way they treated others and Loved.

I am blessed to have known so many people in my life.

I’ve walked down many paths.

Some I wish I hadn’t. 

Some of these I’ve chosen, and others I feel I was led.

If I listed all those who contributed to my life the list would go on forever.

But the list of role models would be short.

I hope that in some way I’m a role model to someone.

I hope that in someway I was able to give back what I’ve been given.

I hope too that you are a role model giving to someone a gift that they can hold within for a life time.





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