Inheritance Of A Very Special Kind …Do not read this by yourself!

Inheritance Of A Very Special Kind ...Do not read this by yourself!

The Strange Days of Eddie Crow [Kindle Edition]


As a private investigator and former policeman, Eddie Shannon is used to dealing with the darker side of human existence, but when he is bequeathed a fortune from, Alexander Crow, a dead grandfather he never knew about. Eddie learns he is not who he thought he was. He was born Eddie Crow, the hunter in the night, the last one alive to defend against the old ones, devils and demons, who dwell in the eldritch dark of the crawling chaos, and want to invade our world. He has to come to terms with who and what he is, because a thrall of the old ones has been disturbed at an archaeological dig and wants to feed. As he learns what it means to be the last hunter, Eddie soon discovers life can be very dark indeed.

A new kind of hero…Or one as old as time.

A Dragon Books supernatural horror.

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