Joanne Ellis

Joanne Ellis

The Rookie [Kindle Edition]

Beyond sharing family, Mabel and Hayden have always felt a special fondness for each other, but Mabel was still young when Hayden left to work as a doctor in a war-torn region of Africa, so the idea of their relationship developing further never occurred to either of them.

However, when Hayden returns from Africa and they meet up again, there is no question this time that what they feel for each other has grown into something much deeper.

But, how will their family respond to their falling in love, and sleeping together, given their uncomfortably close blood relationship? Not well, but maybe they can work their way through the inevitable objections eventually, given time.

Time, however, is not on their side. During an investigation Mabel – a cop – is conducting on behalf of Internal Affairs, disaster strikes, threatening to put an end to their future together once and for all …

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