Christmas in February

Last night I saw my grand daughter for the first time in a very long time.

Through the Holidays she and her siblings, along with her Mother and Step Father, were ill with the Flu.

She is three years old and is tall for her age. Loves to color and can write her name. I felt warm as we hugged greeting each other, and the smile on her face made me want to cry.

 The old saying of absence makes the heart grow founder is very true. I remember being away from home in the service, and upon my return everything I had known seemed new and waiting to be re-explored.

Such is a relationship when seeing an old friend, or relative. It is like learning about that person all over again.

With my Granddaughter it was like that, except at her age she is full of energy and sitting down to talk was not easy as she was off coloring and doing what three year olds do.  

 I’m sure this summer we will have ample time to picnic, cook out, and play. But for now I will just cherish the moment and tuck it away in memory.    


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