In a world of Health, a virus softly creeps…

In a world of Health, a virus soft creeps...

The Journal Paperback

April 26th 2014, The Choragus Parasite released itself on humanity. It has been estimated that over seventy percent of the worlds population was already infected before the parasite became active. Very little is known about its origins, or how it spread so quickly. All that is known is that the parasite thrived in hostile environment, and that it was triggered by aggression. In three weeks over ninety percent of the worlds population was wiped out. It is estimated that less than one hundred thousand people remain. The following Journal was recovered on a small island off the coast of what used to be Canada. This is the only written account of the events that unfolded sixty years ago, and has become a lesson to the surviving members of humanity.

Donald Morrison is an up and coming writer out of Pasadena California. His debut novel, Rabid Lands, features a rat and two guinea pigs as they fight their way through a rabid, zombie infected forest in hopes of finding a cure to stop the infection.

Donald also has an extensive musical background including eight worldwide released electronic albums under the moniker, Kilpanda, as well as an ever growing IMDb resume including work on The Twilight Saga and multiple Indy films.

This is just the beginning we’re going to see from this budding author, and the first in what promises to be a long catalog of releases.

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